(a)   Contiguous Parcels.  When two or more parcels of land, each of which lacks adequate area and dimension to qualify for a permitted use under the requirements of the use district in which it is located, are contiguous and are held in one ownership, they shall be used as one zoning lot for such use.
   (b)   Lots or Parcels of Land of Record.  Any single lot or parcel of land, held in one ownership, which was of record at the time of adoption of this section (Ordinance 10-16-67, passed November 20, 1967), that does not meet the requirements for minimum lot width and area, may be used for a permitted use, provided that yards, courts or usable open spaces are not less than seventy-five percent of the minimum required dimensions or areas.
(Ord.  10-16-67.  Passed 11-20-67.)