(a)    When a proposal to establish an historic district or to list an individual property, structure, object or work of art for protection is received by the Design Review Board or initiated by the Design Review Board, the owner or owners shall be notified by the Design Review Board and the owner's written consent obtained where possible .
   (b)    The Design Review Board shall consider the proposal in terms of the criteria provided in Section 1149.12 and make a recommendation to the Planning Commission.
   (c)    The Planning Commission shall review the proposal and the recommendation of the Design Review Board in terms of critical provisions in Section 1149.12, the City plan and the projected development of the community and shall make a recommendation to Council.
   (d)    The City shall give due consideration to the findings and recommendations of the Design Review Board and the Planning Commission, in making its determination with respect to the proposed designation of any areas, places, buildings, structures, works of art, and other similar objects as a listed property. Council shall give notice and conduct a public hearing on any such proposed designation pursuant to Ohio R.C. 713.12. After its deliberation, Council may approve or reject the proposed landmark or preservation district designation. The Clerk of Council shall notify in writing the Design Review Board and any person having as a matter of public record a legal or equitable interest in the proposed landmark or preservation district of such decision by Council.
   (e)    Upon the designation of a landmark or preservation district, the Zoning Map of the City shall be revised accordingly to indicate such changes.
(Ord. 22-79.  Passed 10-15-79.)