1131.04  YARDS.
   No building shall be erected or enlarged in an R-4 District unless the following yards are provided and maintained:
   (a)    Front Yard.  For every building on a zoning lot a front yard shall be provided of  not less than twenty feet, plus one additional foot of front yard for each three feet  over forty feet in building height.
   (b)    Side Yards.  On every zoning lot, side yards shall be provided as follows:
      (1)    One-family. For one-family detached dwellings, the same regulations shall apply as in an R-2 Single-Family District.
      (2)    Two and multiple family. For two-family and multiple family dwelling units, the side yard on each side of each building shall be a minimum of ten feet in width plus an additional two feet in width for each additional story above two stories in height. On corner lots there shall be maintained a side yard of not less than fifteen feet on the side adjacent to the street which intersects the street upon which the building maintains frontage, and in the case of a reversed corner lot there shall be maintained a setback from the side street of not less than fifty percent of the front yard required on the lots in the rear of such corner lots, but such setback need not exceed fifteen feet. No accessory building on a reversed corner lot shall project beyond the front yard required on the adjacent lot to the rear, nor be located nearer than five feet to the side lot line of the adjacent lots.
      (3)    Nonresidential. On a lot improved with a nonresidential building, there shall be a side yard of not less than twelve feet on each side of the main structure and a combined total of side yards of not less than thirty feet.
      (c)    Rear Yard.  There shall be a rear yard of not less than thirty feet.
         (Ord. 10-16-67. Passed 11-20-67.)