In an R-1 District the following uses are permitted:
   (a)    One-family detached dwellings.
   (b)    Lands and buildings used for agricultural purposes.
   (c)    Roadside stands for the display, sale or offering for sale of agricultural products grown or produced on the property, provided that the standards and produce on display are located ten feet back from the nearest right-of-way line.
   (d)    Home occupations.
   (e)    Schools and Senior Centers: public, denominational or private, elementary and high schools, including playgrounds, Senior Centers, garages for buses, athletic fields and other uses auxiliary thereto.
   (f)    Churches, rectories and parish houses.
   (g)    Seminaries, convents, monasteries and similar religious institutions, including dormitories and other accessory uses required for operation, provided such uses are located on a tract of land of not less than two acres.
   (h)    Parks, forest preserves and recreational areas, when publicly owned and operated.
   (i)    Golf courses, including ancillary uses normally provided, such as restaurants, including the sale of alcoholic beverages, residential uses for guests, manager and other employees, but not including commercially operated driving ranges or miniature golf courses; and provided that no club house or accessory building shall be located nearer than 500 feet to any dwelling on another zoning lot.
   (j)    Temporary buildings for construction purposes for a period not to extend beyond the completion date of such construction.
   (k)    Signs, as permitted and regulated by Section 1125.07.
   (l)    Public utility facilities, as defined by the State.
   (m)    Accessory uses, including off-street parking facilities in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 1155
(Ord. 38-2010. Passed 7-20-10.)