In F-1 Districts, the following conditions of use shall pertain:
   (a)    No filling of land shall be permitted except where approved by the Planning Commission and subject to such conditions as may be stipulated to protect the public interest.
   (b)    The natural drainage grade shall not be substantially altered.
   (c)    Any structures permitted shall be placed on the lot so as to offer the minimum obstruction to the flow of water and shall be firmly anchored to prevent the structure from floating away and thus threatening to further restrict bridge openings and other restricted sections of the stream.
   (d)    Where, in the opinion of the Planning Commission, topographic data, engineering and other studies are needed to determine the effects of flooding on a proposed structure or the effect of the structure on the flow of water, the Planning Commission may require the applicant to submit such data or other studies prepared by competent engineers or other technicians.
   (e)    All uses permitted shall be subject to approval of the Planning Commission and to such conditions as may be stipulated to protect the public interest.
   (f)    No basement or other floor shall be constructed below ground level.
   (g)    Planned single-family residential developments, where permitted, shall contain adequate storm drainage or other facilities capable of protecting the area from flooding.
   (h)    All planned single-family residential developments shall be subject to the final approval of the City, based on recommendations from the Planning Commission that all of the requirements of this chapter have been complied with.
   (i)    No building or structure shall be erected and no existing building or structure shall be moved unless the main floor elevation of the building or structure is established with a finished floor elevation not less than three feet above the highest known flood elevation.
(Ord. 10-16-67. Passed 11-20-67.)