All meetings of the Municipal Planning Commission shall be held at the call of the chairman and at such other times as the Commission may determine. There shall be at least fifteen days but not more than thirty-days notice of the time and place of such meeting published in a newspaper of general circulation in the City; the notice shall contain a statement of the particular purposes of the meeting and a brief description of the location of the property or properties under consideration at the meeting.
   All meetings of the Commission shall be open to the public.
   The Commission shall keep minutes of its proceedings, showing the vote of each member upon every question, or if absent or failing to vote, indicating such fact; and shall also keep records of its examinations and other official actions. Findings of fact shall be included in the minutes on each case and the reasons for granting or denying each application shall be specified. Every rule or regulation, and every order, requirement, decision or determination of the Municipal Planning Commission shall immediately be filed in the office of the Clerk of Council and shall be a public record.
   The minutes of the Commission shall be open to public examination at reasonable hours.
   The Commission shall adopt its own rules of procedure; a copy of which and all recommendations thereto shall be filed in the office of the Clerk of Council.
   Expenses incurred by the Commission are to be itemized and shall be borne by the City.
   In considering all appeals and all proposed variations to this Zoning Ordinance, the Commission shall, before granting any variation from the Zoning Ordinance in a specific case, first determine and make a finding of fact that the proposed variation will not: (a) impair an adequate supply of light and air to adjacent property; (b) unreasonably increase the congestion in public streets; (c) increase the danger of fire or endanger the public safety; (d) unreasonably diminish or impair established property values within the surrounding area; (e) merely serve as a convenience to the applicant, but is necessary to alleviate some demonstrable hardship or difficulty; or in any other respect impair the public health, safety, comfort, morals and welfare of the inhabitants of the City. (Ord. 10-16-67. Passed 11-20-67; Ord. 55-2010. Passed 9-21-10.)