(a)    Sewage or industrial wastes above normal sewage strength, but acceptable for discharge into the sanitary sewerage system shall be subject to a surcharge. The surcharge shall be determined on the basis of either or both of two constituents of water or waste:
      (1)    Total suspended solids, and/or
      (2)    Five day BOD at twenty degrees Centigrade and as herein provided.
   (b)    When either or both the total suspended solids and the BOD of a water or waste accepted for admission to the system exceeds the values of their constituents for normal sewage, the excess concentration in either or both, as the case may be, shall be subject to a surcharge as follows:
      (1)    Pounds of excess suspended solids per day x $0.158/lb. = suspended solids surcharge.
      (2)    Pounds of excess BOD per day x $0.154/lb. = BOD surcharge.
   (c)    In addition to the surcharge, the user shall pay the user charges.
   (d)    The pounds of BOD per day and/or pounds of suspended solids per day, above the concentrations previously described for normal strength sewage that are discharged to the sewerage system, shall be determined by the City or their authorized representative.
   (e)    In addition to a surcharge on BOD and suspended solids, the City shall have the right to surcharge any user for the discharge of any other pollutant into the sewage system or for any other reason that it deems necessary and appropriate, such as excessively high rates of discharge.
(Ord. 12-82.  Passed 6-21-82.)