(a)    Each industrial user shall provide protection from accidental discharge of prohibited materials or other wastes regulated by this chapter. Facilities to prevent accidental discharge of prohibited materials shall be provided and maintained at the owner's or operator's own cost and expense. Detailed plans showing facilities and operating procedures to provide this protection shall be submitted to the City for review, and shall be approved by the City before construction of the facility. Review and approval of such plans and operating procedures shall not relieve the industrial user from the responsibility to modify his facility as necessary to meet the requirements of this chapter.
   (b)    If, for any reason, a facility does not comply with or will be unable to comply with any prohibition or limitations in this chapter, the facility responsible for such discharge shall immediately notify the City so that corrective action may be taken to protect the treatment system. In addition, a written report addressed to the City detailing the date, time and cause of the accidental discharge, the quantity and characteristics of the discharge, and corrective action taken to prevent future discharges, shall be filed by the responsible industrial facility within five days of the occurrence of the noncomplying discharge.
(Ord. 13-82.  Passed 6-21-82.)