Disaster Services
149.01   Agreement with County Organization.
149.02   Organization's powers and duties.
149.03   Advisory Council established.
149.04   Executive Committee established; meetings.
149.05   Director; assistants; employees.
149.06   Budget; Fund.
149.07   Executive Committee to direct County Organization.
149.08   Director's powers.
149.09   Annual assessments.
149.10   County contribution.
149.11   Amendments; effective date.
Emergency defined - see Ohio R.C. 5915.01(D)
Natural and manmade disasters defined - see Ohio R.C. 5915.01(G)
Local disaster service administration - see Ohio R.C. 5915.06
County and regional organizations - see Ohio R.C. 5915.07
Utilization of services and facilities of State and other political subdivisions - see Ohio R.C. 5915.08
Certificate of necessity - see Ohio R.C. 5915.22