(A)   There is hereby created a Charter Revision Commission which shall consist of five members to be appointed as follows: two shall be appointed from the membership of the Council by a majority vote of the members of Council for one year terms of office; and three shall be electors who are not members of the Council to be appointed by the Mayor for overlapping terms of office.  The first members appointed by the Mayor shall be appointed so that one serves for a one year term, one serves for a two year term and one serves for a three year term.  Thereafter, each member appointed by the Mayor shall serve for a three year term of office.  Members of the Commission shall serve without compensation.  Terms of members of the Commission shall begin on the first day of July after their appointment, commencing in the year 1982.
   (B)   The Charter Revision Commission shall continuously review the provisions of this Charter and the operations of the Municipality and shall report its recommendations, if any, for changes or revisions in this Charter to the Council no later than the first day of June of each year, commencing in the year 1983.  The Clerk of Council shall publish the recommendations, if any, of the Commission in full at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in the Municipality.  The Council may submit any amendment to the Charter recommended by the Commission, in the form recommended by the Commission or in a revised form, to the voters in the manner provided by the Constitution and laws of Ohio.  The Council shall appropriate funds to the Commission as determined to be necessary by the Commission to carry out its powers, duties and functions, including amounts required to pay any consultants or special legal counsel selected by the Commission.