(A)   In addition to the administrative offices and departments specifically established and created by this Charter, the administrative offices, departments, divisions, bureaus and other sub-units existing under the laws of Ohio and ordinances and resolutions of the Municipality on the effective date of this Charter shall continue, with their existing powers and duties, until they are abolished, merged, combined or otherwise altered or reorganized by Council.
   (B)   Each department, division, bureau or other sub-units shall be organized and have those powers, duties and functions as are provided: under this Charter; under the ordinances or resolutions of the Municipality; under administrative rules and directives of the head of the department and the Mayor and under the laws of Ohio to the extent such laws do not conflict with the provisions of this Charter, the ordinances and resolutions of the Municipality, or the administrative rules and directive of the department head and the Mayor.  All administrative rules and directives promulgated by the Mayor and department heads shall be written, shall be available for public inspection at the office of the issuing official and shall be consistent with this Charter and the Municipality's ordinances and resolutions.  Rules and directives promulgated by a department head shall be consistent with rules and directives promulgated by the Mayor.