(A)   Council may, by ordinance or resolution, adopt standard ordinances and codes prepared by the State or any department, board or other agency or subdivision of the State, or any standard or model ordinance or code prepared and promulgated by a public or private organization, including but not limited to codes and regulations pertaining to fire, fire hazards, fire prevention, plumbing, heating, electrical, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration machinery, state pressure piping, piping, boilers, buildings standards, housing standards, and such other matters as the Council may determine to be appropriate for adoption by reference, by incorporation by reference.
   (B)   The ordinance or resolution adopting any such standard ordinance or code shall make reference to the date and source of such standard ordinance or code without reproducing the same at length in the ordinance.  In such cases, publication of the standard ordinance or code shall not be required, but at least one copy of such code shall be kept at all times in the office of the Clerk of Council and available for reference by interested persons.  If the standard ordinance or code is amended after its adoption by reference by the Council, the Council may adopt the amendment or change by incorporation by reference under the same procedure as is established herein for the adoption of the original standard ordinance or code.