The Board shall have the jurisdiction to approve or disapprove plans submitted to it and to exercise any and all other powers necessary and incidental to the performance of its duties.  All actions of the Board shall be performed in accordance with the provisions of the Charter. 
   (a)    Meetings.
      (1)   Its quorum shall consist of four or more members.
      (2)   At least four meetings per year shall be advertised in advance, held on the first Monday of the month, and in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.  All meetings shall be open to the public.
      (3)   Its official action shall require the affirmative vote of the majority of the members present and voting.
      (4)   Agendas shall be advertised in advance of the meeting.
   (b)    Duties.  The Board's duties and authority shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
      (1)   Approve or deny an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness regarding any change, demolition, construction, preservation, restoration, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of any structure or property within its jurisdiction. Such approval shall be required in addition to all other permits applicable to the property.
      (2)   Establish the procedures for evaluating applications for Certificates of Appropriateness. Such information shall be written and published and made available to the public within three months and may be revised from time to time.
      (3)   Conduct or cause to be conducted a continuing survey of cultural resources in the community, according to the guidelines established by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.
      (4)   Act in an advisory role to other officials and departments of local government regarding the protection of local cultural resources.
      (5)   Act as a liaison on behalf of the local government to individuals and organizations concerned with historic preservation.
      (6)   Conduct or encourage members to attend educational sessions at least once a year or an in-depth consultation with the Ohio Historic Preservation Office pertaining to the work and functions of the Board or on specific historic preservation issues.
      (7)   Educate property owners/applicants on the benefits and possible limitations of their property being declared historic.
      (8)   Work with the Fulton County Historical Society in maintaining a system for the survey and inventory of historic properties for the community, recorded according the acceptable Ohio Historic Preservation Office standards and accessible to the public.
      (9)   Review applications for designation as a historic landmark or historic district according to the procedures and criteria in this chapter.
      (10)   A written annual report of Board activities, cases, decisions, and other relevant information shall be kept on file and available for public inspection.
      (11)   Seek expertise and assistance of academic or consulting archeologists, if needed, when considering a National Register nomination or other actions which are normally evaluated by a professional in a specific discipline.
      (12)   The Board may undertake additional responsibilities upon mutual written agreement between the City of Wauseon and the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.  (Ord. 2013-4.  Passed 8-19-13.)