(a)   Consultation.  Prior to the preparation of the preliminary plat, the subdivider shall seek the assistance of the Code Administrator in order that he may become familiar with these subdivision requirements and with the Official Thoroughfare Plan for Fulton County, Ohio, affecting the territory in which the proposed subdivision is located.
   (b)   Filing.  The subdivider shall prepare and file application for preliminary approval with the Planning Commission, along with as many copies of the preliminary plat as may be required by the Commission and the required application fees according to the standards and other provisions of these regulations.  The preliminary plat shall be considered officially filed after it is examined by the Code Administrator and Municipal Engineer for the Commission and is found to be in full compliance with the formal provisions of these regulations. 
   (c)   Approval.  The Code Administrator shall forward copies of the preliminary plan to such officials and agencies as may be directed by the Planning Commission for study and recommendation.  After receipt of reports from such officials and agencies, the Commission shall determine whether the preliminary plat shall be approved, approved with modifications or disapproved.  Notice of such action shall be supplied to the subdivider.
      (1)   The Commission shall act on the preliminary plat within ninety days after filing unless such time is extended by agreement with the subdivider or his agent.
      (2)   When a preliminary plan has been approved by the Commission, the chairman of the Commission shall affix his signature to the plat and attach thereto a notation that it has received preliminary approval and return it to the subdivider for compliance with final approval requirements.  Approval of the preliminary plat by the Planning Commission shall not constitute final acceptance of the subdivision by the Commission. 
      (3)   Preliminary approval shall confer upon the subdivider the assurance for a one year period from the date of approval that the general terms and conditions under which the preliminary approval was granted will not be changed.
      (4)   The approval of the preliminary plat shall expire annually on the month and day of original approval by the Planning Commission, unless the subdivider submits a letter requesting to extend the approval of the preliminary plat not later than the date of expiration.  Such time extension for the approval of the preliminary plat shall be granted by the Code Administrator, unless the Code Administrator, at his sole discretion, deems that the subdivider has not materially met the requirements of this Chapter.  If the time extension is not granted by the Code Administrator, the Code Administrator shall notify the subdivider in writing within thirty calendar days of the request for extension and the subdivider may, within thirty calendar days of notice, file an appeal to the Planning Commission.
         (Ord. 2008-13.  Passed 11-3-08.)