1314.02  LAND AREAS.
   (a)   All premises shall be graded or maintained so as to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water or within any structure or accessory structure upon the premises.
   (b)   An owner or agent of any premises shall keep the land free and clear from all noxious weeds, tall grass and/or tall weeds.
   (c)   Lawns, hedges and/or bushes shall be kept from becoming overgrown and/or unsightly.
   (d)   Every owner or agent shall be required to cut all weeds and/or grass on the land as often as is necessary to prevent weeds and/or grass from exceeding six inches in height.
(Ord. 1989-36.  Passed 7-10-89.)
      (1)   If the Owner or Agent fails to correct the violation as provided in an order of the Administrator within two (2) days within receipt of such notice, the Administrator may cause the weeds and grass to be cut and removed and destroyed.  All expenses and/or labor costs incurred shall be paid from the General Fund. 
(Ord. 2002-7.  Passed 8-5-02.)
      (2)   The Administrator may certify the costs incurred to the Clerk of Council.  The Clerk of Council shall make a written report to the County Auditor of the charges which shall include the cost of mowing, the fees of any officer serving required notices, cost of sending or publishing notification and or obtaining a proper legal description of the premises, if necessary.  These amounts shall be entered upon the County tax duplicate and shall thereby become a lien upon the premises from and after the date of entry and be collected as other taxes and returned to the City for deposit within the General Fund.
      (3)   Nothing contained within this provision shall be construed to limit any other method of collection or other remedy available to the City in law or in equity to recoup the aforementioned costs from the proper individual or entity.  (Ord. 2019-5.  Passed 10-7-19.)