(a)   Exterior stairs and other exit facilities shall be adequately constructed for safety.
   (b)   Every outside stair, every porch and every appurtenance attached thereto shall be capable of supporting the loads to which it is subjected and shall be kept in sound condition and good repair.
   (c)   Handrails shall be provided on at least one side of exterior stairways of four or more risers and on any open side of interior stairways of four or more risers.
      (1)   Open sides of stairs, porches, balconies or raised floor surface with a total rise of more than thirty inches above the floor or grade below shall have guardrails in accordance with the Building Code.
      (2)   Every required handrail, guardrail and balustrade shall be firmly fastened and shall be maintained in good condition.
         (Ord. 1989-36.  Passed 7-10-89.)