(a)   Application for a Certificate of Occupancy required by the provisions of this Code shall be made to the Administrator.  Such application shall be made on forms supplied by the Administrator and shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee as established by a majority vote of Council.  Such fee shall be renewable every two years and shall not be transferred to any new owner.  (See subsection (f) hereof.)
   (b)   Each dwelling unit shall be inspected prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or any renewal thereof.  If, based upon such inspection and following proper application therefore, a dwelling unit is in compliance with the provisions of this Code and all other laws, ordinances, rules and regulations applicable thereto, the Administrator shall issue a Certificate of Occupancy for such dwelling unit.  Each dwelling unit shall be issued a separate Certificate of Occupancy.
   (c)   The Administrator shall have the power to revoke a Certificate of Occupancy if any false statement shall be made by the applicant in connection with the issuance of such Certificate of Occupancy; or for noncompliance of a dwelling unit or its use with the requirements of this Code; or if the owner or agent shall refuse to comply with any provision of this Code required to be observed by him/her.
   (d)   The owner of a dwelling unit which will be completed or remodeled and available for occupancy and which requires a Certificate of Occupancy shall apply for such Certificate of Occupancy as soon as practicable, but in no event shall such unit be occupied in whole or in part until such Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.  Failure to so apply will be deemed to be a violation of this Code and will subject the owner of the dwelling unit to the legal action and penalty prescribed herein.
   (e)   In the event there is a change in ownership of record of a dwelling unit requiring a Certificate of Occupancy, the Certificate of Occupancy issued under the provisions of this Code to the former owner shall become null and void after thirty days of the recorded date of such change of ownership.  A Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained by the new owner.  Application for such Certificate shall be made not more than thirty days after such change in ownership has occurred on forms supplied by the Administrator.
   (f)   Any change in the nature or extent of the use as specified on the Certificate of Occupancy shall render the Certificate null and void upon the happening of such change.  No such change is permissible under the Code unless such change has been approved by the proper authorities, and unless a new Certificate of Occupancy, incorporating such change, has been issued.  Any such change without the approval of the proper authorities will subject the owner or agent to the penalties provided by this Code.
(Ord. 1989-36.  Passed 7-10-89; Ord. 2002-9.  Passed 9-9-02.)