(a)   In addition to the permit requirements set forth in R-109.1 of the CABO Code, all building permits shall list the types of inspections required pursuant to the authority granted in Section R-111 - Inspection of the Code.  It shall be the obligation of the permit holder or his agent to contact the Building Official when the permit holder is prepared to undergo the various inspections as listed in the permit.
   (b)   No person who is the owner and occupier of a structure shall be required to obtain a permit for non-structural repairs to his owner occupied structure.  Any repair in which such individual engages must comply with the requirements of this chapter.
   (c)   No general contractor, builder or tradesman shall be required to obtain a building permit when the contemplated construction is for the interior of the premises only and where no structural changes are to be made.
   (d)   Permits for changes to windows, doors and siding which do not involve structural changes may be obtained by phoning the Department of Building and Housing.
(Ord. 1992-6.  Passed 6-17-92.)