A landscape plan for review and approval by the Code Administrator shall be submitted prior to the issuance of building permits; said landscape plan shall meet or exceed the following landscape standards where physically possible:
   (a)   Minimum number of shade trees:
      (1)   One tree for every 90 feet of public street frontage installed between the building or parking lot and the curb line;
      (2)   One tree for every 100 feet of perimeter, minus public streets rights-of- way; and,
      (3)   One tree for every 30 parking spaces.
   (b)   Screening of surface parking lots:
      (1)   A continuous masonry wall, wrought iron fence, and/or evergreen hedge at least thirty inches high shall be installed between surface parking lots and public street rights-of-way.
         (Ord. 2004-8.  Passed 5-3-04.)