The permitted uses listed herein are to serve as non-exclusive examples of the type, scale, and intensity of use allowed within the B-4 District. Uses substantially similar in scope, nature and intensity, as determined by the Planning Commission, are allowed subject to the provisions of the District:
   (a)    Residential uses;
   (b)   Antique shops, antique restoration and repair;
   (c)   Art sales and creation: artists' shops, art galleries, handicrafts, art studios, art studios in residences, art sales, artist' lofts, art lessons, music conservatories, music lessons, art and music supply stores, stained glass sales and repair, furniture creation and sales;
   (d)   Food sales: bakeries, public markets, farmers market,  grocery stores, supermarkets all within an enclosed building;
   (e)   Banks including drive-through facilities; bank offices, and lobby services, stand alone ATM facility is not acceptable;
   (f)   Barber shop, beauty shop, hair salon;
   (g)   Bicycle manufacturing, sales and repair;
   (h)    Book stores new, used book stores, magazine sales, magazine stands, newspaper sales, publishing printing;
   (i)   New car dealerships;
   (j)   Business and professional offices, business support services, business incubators;
   (k)   Recreation: country clubs, private clubs, public and private parks;
   (l)   Child and adult daycare centers;
   (m)   Restaurants and food sales for consumption on the premises; fast casual, delicatessens, restaurants, food sales, coffee shops, diners, ice cream shops, yogurt shops, fruit and vegetable sales, breweries, specialty food sales;
   (n)   Dry cleaners and laundries, laundromats, commercial uniform services;
   (o)   Gift shops, department stores;
   (p)   Florists and flower shops;
   (q)   Apparel shops: shoes and clothing;
   (r)    Theaters, motion picture and live, video rental and sales;
   (s)   Photography offices, supplies, galleries, and studios;
   (t)   Medical offices and clinics, health clubs, health services, dental offices, veterinary clinics (without outdoor kennels), hospitals, medical research and development;
   (u)   Hardware stores, home improvement stores, lumber suppliers and other building materials;
   (v)   Shared office services, telecommunications centers;
   (w)   Lodge: bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels;
   (x)   Schools: public and private schools, public and private colleges and universities, libraries;
   (y)   Automobile service stations without automobile repair service;
   (z)   Churches, per Section 1118.03(a);
   (aa)   Research and development facilities (including light manufacturing);
   (bb)   Non-metal Production: Clothing and other textile products, computer manufacturers, plastic extrusion, molding and fabricating of panels, sheets, tubes and rods, printing,  publishing and engraving, fabrication of wood furniture, cabinets and other products limited to sashes, doors, cabinets, wall boards, partitions and prefabricated house panels, cosmetics, toiletries, novelties, bond, canvas, cellophane, glass and paper.
   (cc)    General Services: Sales and storage establishments if conducted wholly within enclosed buildings to the following extent:
      (1)   Public service facilities and utilities.
      (2)   Shops and offices of contractors, carpentry, electrical, masonry, plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, painting, ornamental iron, roofing and sheet metal, placing and crating and monument works.
      (3)   Repair establishments: Electrical, electronic and household appliances.
      (4)   Food and drink preparation: Bakeries, freezing, refrigeration, roasting, ice manufacturing, bottling works and creameries, candy, drugs, and distilled alcoholic beverages.
      (5)   Wholesale and warehousing, other storage establishments, parcel delivery stations providing loading and off loading facilities entirely within an enclosed building. The sale of wholesale or warehousing of automobile equipment, dry goods and apparel, groceries and related products, raw farm products except livestock, electrical goods, hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies, machinery and equipment, tobacco and tobacco products, beer, wine and distilled alcoholic beverages, paper and paper products, furniture and home furnishings and any commodity the manufacture of which is permitted in the district.
         (Ord. 2004-8.  Passed 5-3-04.)