The application for an amendment proposed by an owner, or in the event of multiple parcels, a majority of owners, shall contain at least the following information:
   (a)   Name, address and phone number of applicants;
   (b)   Legal description of the property;
   (c)   Proposed amendment to the text;
   (d)   Present use;
   (e)   Present zoning district;
   (f)   Proposed use;
   (g)   Proposed zoning district;
   (h)   A vicinity map at a scale approved by the Administrator showing property lines, streets, existing and proposed zoning and such other items as the Administrator may require;
   (i)   A list of all property owners, within, contiguous to and directly across the street from the parcel(s) proposed to be rezoned and others that may have a substantial interest in the case;
   (j)   A statement on how the proposed amendment relates to the Comprehensive Plan.
      (Ord. 1989-81.  Passed 1-2-90.)