1115.17  VIOLATIONS.
   Any person who:
   (a)   Uses or occupies any land or place, builds, erects, alters, remodels, restores or rebuilds thereon any building or structure, or permits any building or structure to remain on such land or uses, occupies or operates such building or structure in any way or for any use or purpose which is not permitted by the provisions of this Zoning Code;
   (b)   Aids, assists, or participates with any person placing, building, erecting, altering, remodeling, restoring or rebuilding any building or structure which is not permitted by the provisions of this Zoning Code;
   (c)   Violates or fails to perform any condition, stipulation or safeguard set forth in any permit issued pursuant to this Zoning Code or continues to use or occupy any premises or building as previously authorized by such permit beyond the duration limit therein stated;
   (d)   Fails to comply with an order of the Administrator within the time period set forth in such order;
   (e)   Knowingly makes any materially false statement of fact in an application to the Administrator for a permit or in any plans or specifications submitted in relation to any application under this Zoning Code;
   (f)   As an owner or lessee of any premises, knowingly suffers or permits a violation of this Zoning Code to occur or exist on such premises;
   shall be charged with a violation of this Zoning Code for each such action or omission.
(Ord. 1989-81.  Passed 1-2-90.)