(a)   This Section shall apply to van bodies designed for installation upon truck chassis, and unlicensed semi-trailers and tandem trailers.
   (b)   As authorized in this Section, van bodies, unlicensed semi-trailers, and tandem trailers may be used for storage in the following zoning districts:  B-1, B-2, B-3, M-1, and M-2.  Each van body, unlicensed semi-trailer or tandem trailer used for storage as authorized by this Section shall be placed in compliance with all setback, side yard or rear yard setbacks required of buildings for the applicable Zoning District.
   (c)   Any person desiring to use a van body, unlicensed semitrailer or tandem trailer for storage shall apply for an annual permit from the Administrator.  The permit may be renewed annually thereafter upon application prior to expiration and after inspection by the Administrator to ensure continuing compliance with this section.
      (1)   To qualify for a permit, the exterior of each such van body, unlicensed semi-trailer or tanden trailer shall be in good condition, be painted or have an aluminum exterior and have closable doors.  The van body, unlicensed semi-trailer or tandem trailer shall be mounted on fully inflated tires which are properly affixed to either the semi-trailer or tandem trailer axles or shall be placed on a secure foundation.  Failure to maintain the exterior surface of a van body, semi-trailer or tandem trailer in good condition shall result in denial of a permit or of renewal of a permit.
      (2)   If the Administrator denies a permit or renewal application, he shall notify the applicant in writing by certified mail of the reasons for denial.  Any person who is denied a permit or a renewal of a permit may appeal that denial by written notice filed within thirty days following receipt of notice denial with the Board of Zoning Appeals.  The Board of Zoning Appeals shall determine the appeal in the manner authorized by Chapter 1113.
         (Ord. 1989-81.  Passed 1-2-90.)