No permit shall be granted for the moving of used or existing buildings or structures from without or within the limits of the City to be placed on property within the limits unless the Administrator has made an inspection of the building to be moved and has found that it is structurally safe, will not adversely affect the character of existing buildings in the neighborhood of the new location and will fully comply with all codes regulating the health, safety and general welfare of the City.  For buildings to be relocated within the City an interest bearing escrow account of sufficient amount to insure the cost of completing the building for occupancy within a period of not more than six months from the date of the permit, shall be furnished before a permit is issued.  The owner shall also be required to post a certified check with the Finance Director in the amount deemed sufficient by the City Engineer and/or Public Service Director to cover any damage to streets, roads, sidewalks, or other public improvements which may occur as a result of a building being moved.
(Ord. 1989-81.  Passed 1-2-90.)