(a)   General.  The final plat will have incorporated all changes or modifications required by the Planning Commission, otherwise it shall conform to the preliminary plat, and it may constitute only that portion of the approved preliminary plat which the subdivider proposes to record and develop at the time, provided that such portion conforms with all requirements of these Subdivision Regulations.
   (b)   Preparation.  The final plat shall be prepared by a registered surveyor currently registered in the State of Ohio.
   (c)   Filing.  The final plat shall be considered officially filed after it has been examined by the City’s Engineer and the Fulton County Engineer and is found to be in full compliance with the formal provisions of these regulations.  The final plat shall be filed for review with the City of Wauseon not less than fifteen working days prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered.
   (d)   Approval.
      (1)   The Code Administrator shall, within five days after the filing of the final plan, transmit copies of the plat to such officials and agencies as may be properly concerned with the proposed subdivision.  All other drawings for subdivisions located outside the corporate limits of the City shall also be forwarded to the County Engineer.
      (2)   After receiving a report from each of the aforementioned officials, the Code Administrator shall notify the subdivider of any recommended changes or suggestions so that the subdivider may correct the final tracing and submit same for final approval.
      (3)   The final tracing shall be submitted at least ten working days prior to the meeting at which the plan is to be considered by the Commission.
      (4)   The Commission shall take action on the final plan in the form of a tracing within thirty days after same has been officially filed; otherwise, the plat shall be deemed to have been approved.  The certificate of the Commission as to the date of the submission of the plat for approval, and the failure to take action within such time, shall be sufficient in lieu of the written endorsement or evidence of approval herein required.  If disapproved, the ground for disapproval of the final plan shall be stated on the record of the Commission, including the reference to the regulation violated by the plan.
      (5)   The subdivider shall be notified of the final action of the Commission, and the subdivider shall record the final plan in the office of the Recorder of Fulton County, Ohio, within sixty days after the date of approval; otherwise, the plan shall be considered void.  The subdivider shall, immediately upon recording, furnish the Code Administrator with not less than three full-sized copies and an electronic file of the recorded plat as may be required.
      (6)   Space shall be provided on the final plat for approval signatures of the following officers of the City of Wauseon:
         A.   Code Administrator
         B.   Mayor
         C.   Chairman of the Planning Commission
         D.   Director of Public Service
      (7)   The following language shall be included on all plats:
   I, Director of Public Service of the City of Wauseon, Ohio hereby certify that I have reviewed this plat and find it in accordance with subdivision rules and regulations as approved by the City of Wauseon Planning Commission and the Council of the City of Wauseon, Ohio, and hereby approve this plat on this _____ day of _____________________, _______.  Approval of this plat for recording does not constitute an acceptance of the dedication of any public street, road or highway dedicated on such plat.
   (e)   Form.  The final plat shall be clearly and legibly drawn in ink on Mylar.  The size of the map shall be no less than seventeen inches by twenty-two inches.  The map of a subdivision shall be drawn at a scale of one inch equals 100 feet or less, unless otherwise required by the Commission.
   (f)   Map Contents.  The final plan shall contain the following information:
      (1)   Name of the subdivision; location by section, town, range, township, county, state; and the scale, date and north point.
      (2)   All plat boundaries with length of courses in feet and hundredths and bearings to half minutes.  When required by the Municipal or County Engineer, all calculations and field notes shall be submitted.
      (3)   Bearings and distances to the nearest established street lines, section corners or other recognized permanent monuments, which shall be accurately described on the plat.
      (4)   Municipal, township, county or section lines accurately tied to the lines of the subdivision by distances and bearings.
      (5)   Names of streets within the adjoining plat.
      (6)   Length of all arcs, chord and chord bearings, radii, internal angles, points of curvature and tangent bearings.
      (7)   All easements for rights of way providing for public services or utilities, and any limitations of such easements.
      (8)   All lot numbers and lines, with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths, and with bearings or angles to street and alley or crosswalk way lines.
      (9)   Accurate location of all monuments.
      (10)   Accurate outlines of any areas to be dedicated or temporarily reserved for public use with the purpose indicated thereon.
      (11)   Building setback lines, with dimensions.
   When lots are located on a curve or when side lot lines are at angles other than ninety degrees, the width at the building line shall be shown.
   (g)   Other Required Information.
      (1)   Protective covenants shall be shown on the plat.
      (2)   If a zoning change is involved, certification from the Clerk shall be required indicating that the change has been approved and is in effect.
      (3)   Certification by a registered surveyor to the effect that the plan represents a survey made by him, and that all monuments shown thereon actually exist and that their location is correctly shown.
      (4)   An acknowledgment by the owner or owners of his or their adoption of the plat, and dedication of streets and other public areas.
         (Ord. 2008-13.  Passed 11-3-08.)