Each and every owner, tenant, housekeeper or other person or persons, occupying any dwelling house or apartment house and other buildings or a portion thereof, in the City, and producing garbage, rubbish and refuse for collection shall provide, and renew when necessary, a sufficient number of watertight cans with covers and strong handles or comparable watertight plastic bags, securely tied at the top.  Each can or bag shall have a capacity of not less than ten gallons nor more than twenty gallons and shall not exceed seventy-five pounds in weight.  No cans or bags shall be placed on the curb or place of pick up more than twenty-four hours prior to the scheduled pick up by the hauler.  All garbage cans and bags shall be maintained by the user in good and sanitary condition, shall be delivered to the curb of the street or other authorized place of collection for pick up, and shall be removed therefrom within twenty-four hours after pick up.
(Ord. 1995-10.  Passed 5-1-95.)