(a)   Each person, desiring to conduct, stage or give a circus, menagerie, carnival, sideshow, musical or minstrel entertainment, or exhibition of monsters or freaks of nature, for which money or reward is demanded or received, shall first obtain a license and pay the license fee or fees provided herein.
   (b)   The applicant for a license to conduct, stage or give such exhibition shall give at least one week's notice in writing to the Mayor, stating the dates of the performances, and the location at which they are to be presented.  The Mayor or other chief administrative officer shall give his consent to the issuance of the license:
      (1)   If he deems the location suitable for the purpose;
      (2)   That it will properly accommodate the patrons;
      (3)   That the nature of the performance or exhibition is morally proper; and
      (4)   The use of the location will not throw too great a burden upon the Police and Fire Departments.
   (c)   No circus, menagerie, or carnival shall be given for more than two consecutive days, except in cases where Council by special resolution allows a longer period, or where such exhibition is to be conducted on Municipal property and the use thereof for a longer period has been approved by Council.
(Ord. 1965-20.  Passed 12-6-65.)