(a)   No person shall park or place, or cause to be parked or placed upon any of the streets, boulevards or other public places, parks or other property of the Municipality or in the space between the property line and the curb of the street in the Municipality any motor vehicle, truck, trailer or semitrailer, or other vehicles for the purpose of selling or bartering the same, or advertising the same for barter or sale.
(Ord. 3-41.  Passed 4-21-41.)
   (b)   No owner or operator of any vehicle shall use such vehicle or permit it to be used on the streets and public places of the Municipality for the manufacture or repair of shoes, clothing, furniture, metal ware, tools or other articles of personal or household use.
   (c)   No person shall repair, wash, polish or clean any vehicle on any highway or park any vehicle for the purpose of so doing.  This section shall not be construed to prohibit the making of such necessary emergency repairs as will permit a vehicle to proceed.
(Ord. 1965-20.  Passed 12-6-65.)