A.   City Authority: Any license or permit, for a limited time, may be revoked by the City Commission, after adequate opportunity for a hearing, during the life of such license or permit. Such revocation may be in addition to any fine imposed. The City Commission shall be authorized to summarily order the cessation of business, the closing of the premises, and the suspension of any business license or permit for a period not to exceed fifteen (15) days.
   B.   Causes For Revocation: Business licenses and permits issued under this Code or the ordinances of the City, unless otherwise provided, may be revoked by the City Commission after notice and hearing for any of the following causes:
      1.   Any fraud, misrepresentation or false statement contained in the application for the license or permit.
      2.   Any violation by the licensee or permittee of this Code, ordinance provisions or State law relating to the license or permit, the subject matter of the license or permit, or the premises occupied.
      3.   Conviction of the licensee or permittee of any felony or of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
      4.   Failure of the licensee or permittee to pay any fine or penalty owing to the City.
      5.   Refusal to permit an inspection or investigation or any interference with a duly authorized City officer or employee while in the performance of his duties in making such inspections, as provided in this Code. (2019 Code)