A.   City Collection Fee Allowed: If the City has entered a contract with a collection agency pursuant to 11 Oklahoma Statutes section 22-138, the City is authorized to a collection fee in an amount not to exceed thirty five percent (35%) on the following:
      1.   Debts and accounts receivable including, but not limited to, unpaid fees, penalties, interest, and other sums due the City, as applicable; and
      2.   Court penalties, costs, fines and fees in cases in Municipal Court in which the accused has failed to appear or otherwise failed to satisfy a monetary obligation ordered by the court;
that have been referred by the City to the collection agency for collection.
   B.   Court-Ordered Fee: If the City has entered into such a contract with a collection agency, and the collection fee is authorized as stated in subsection A of this section, the court shall order defendants to reimburse the fee arising pursuant to subsection A2 of this section, and such court- ordered fee may be collected as provided by law for the collection of any other civil debt or criminal action. (Ord. 050514-1, 6-2-2014)