A.   Court Costs: Pursuant to 11 Oklahoma Statutes section 27-126, as amended, court costs shall be no more than thirty dollars ($30.00) plus witness and mileage fees, per case and may be added to the fine. All funds collected shall be deposited in the appropriate fund.
   B.   Additional Mandated Fees, Costs And Assessments: In addition to the court costs collected pursuant to subsection A of this section, for every fine, deferral fee in lieu of a fine, or bond forfeiture collected by the Municipal Court of the City, additional local and State-mandated fees, costs, and penalty assessments shall be collected as provided in 20 Oklahoma Statutes sections 1313.2, 1313.3, 1313.4, as amended, and as provided in other applicable State law and in this Code. The City Treasurer, or other individual designated by the City Council, shall forward mandated reimbursements to the State on a quarterly basis unless otherwise required by law.
   C.   Costs Related To Prisoner Confinement:
      1.   Notwithstanding other costs allowed pursuant to this section and this Code, the Municipal Court, at its discretion, may require that a person confined in the County Jail, both before or after conviction, upon conviction, or receiving a deferred sentence in lieu of a fine, pay the contract account owed by the City to the County Sheriff's Office for the cost of incarceration of the individual.
      2.   The Municipal Court, in its discretion, in addition to the contract amount paid to the County Sheriff's Department for the incarceration of the individual convicted, may also assess additional cost associated with medical care, dental care, psychiatric services or other costs expended for the health services provided to the Municipal prisoner.
      3.   The cost of incarceration shall be paid by the inmate to the City and shall be collected by the Clerk of the Municipal Court. The Clerk of the Municipal Court shall then pay the monies collected to the City Treasurer for payments as required pursuant to 22 Oklahoma Statutes section 979a.
   D.   Collection Fees: Any person convicted of any offense or misdemeanor who fails to pay all or a portion of any penalties, fines, deferral fees, assessments, fees, warrants, court costs, or other applicable costs whose unpaid balance is referred to a collection agency shall pay a collection fee in an amount not to exceed thirty five percent (35%) per offense, in addition to the remainder of the unsatisfied monetary obligation.
   E.   Technology Fee: A Municipal Court technology fee shall be and is hereby established in the amount of fifteen dollars ($15.00). The fee shall be in addition to, and not in substitution for, any and all costs, fees, fines, assessments, or penalties otherwise provided for by law, and assessed on every citation disposed of in the Municipal Court except those that are voided, declined for prosecution, dismissed without costs, or the defendant is acquitted. Citations for which fees and costs are specifically limited by law shall also be excluded from assessment of said technology fee. The revenues generated by this fee shall be used solely and exclusively for the acquisition, operation, maintenance, repair, lease, and replacement of hardware, software, and peripheral technological equipment used in the operation, prosecution, and administration of the Municipal Court and criminal justice system of the City, which shall include, but is not limited to: computers, hardware, and software needs of the Municipal Court; audio, video, and other electronic technologies to assist with Municipal Court proceedings; Digi ticket and/or other electronic ticketing technology lease funds; and the maintenance of said Municipal Court electronics. (Ord. 12012017-1, 12-4-2017)