1-10-10: SUMMONS:
   A.   Filing Of Complaint: Upon the filing of a complaint charging a violation of this Code or other ordinance(s) of the City, the Municipal Judge, unless said Judge determines to issue a warrant of arrest, unless the defendant previously has been issued a citation, or unless said defendant has been arrested and given bond for such appearance, shall issue a summons, naming the person charged, specifying the address or place of residence (if known), stating the offense charged and giving notice to answer the charge in the Municipal Court on a day certain, five (5) days hence (Sundays and holidays excepted), or the next Municipal Court date after the summons is served, containing a provision for the official return of the summons and including such other pertinent information as may be necessary.
   B.   Serving Summons: The summons shall be served by delivering a copy to the defendant personally. Failure to appear and answer the summons within the prescribed period shall constitute indirect contempt of court, and a warrant shall be issued for the defendant's arrest, as provided by this chapter. (2007 Code § 11-19)