A.   Obstructing: It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to obstruct or otherwise prevent access to any publicly used street, alley, easement or other Municipally owned property, whether platted or unplatted; provided, that the City may prevent or provide access to such streets, alleys, easements and Municipally owned properties from time to time, in the public interest.
   B.   Fencing Property; Right Of Ingress And Egress By City: The City Commission may permit certain streets, alleys, easements and Municipal properties which are dedicated, but not required for traffic or other public access or use, to be fenced or otherwise made inaccessible to the public (as in the case of land being farmed or grazed as a part of a larger field or pasture); provided, that said City Commission or any of its officers or employees shall have the right of ingress, egress and easement for the purpose of installing or maintaining utilities, cleaning, grading, mowing or any other activity which is in the public interest.
   C.   Restrictions On Persons With Fencing: Persons, companies, corporations or individuals who have fenced in, or are farming or grazing dedicated, but unopened, streets, alleys, easements or Municipally owned properties, as permitted above, shall:
      1.   Not construct any building, structure, earthworks or ponds, nor in any other way disturb the general grade and slope of the land;
      2.   Maintain the property so that no nuisance is created;
      3.   Immediately relinquish any rights presumed to be held concerning the property, upon notice by the City; and
      4.   Permit access to the property at any time when requested to do so by a Municipal officer or employee.
   D.   Fencing Prohibited Within Dedicated Road Rights-Of-Way: It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to construct, erect, build, or cause to be constructed, erected or built, any fence, of whatever height or material, within any dedicated road right-of-way in the City. (2007 Code § 17-2)