A.   It shall be unlawful to place or park a motor vehicle or a trailer upon the posted private property of another without first obtaining permission from the person in charge of such property, except where said placing or parking is involuntary.
   B.   A landowner, or other person in charge of the land, may cause any motor vehicle or trailer which is left on private property after posted hours to be removed and impounded by an appropriate wrecker service. The Police Department or any police officer is also authorized to remove any unauthorized vehicles from private property upon direction of the owner of the property or persons in charge of the property. The City of Waurika, any landowner or person in charge of the property shall not be liable for any damages which may occur to the trespassing vehicle or trailer under the terms of this section, while the same is trespassing, while it is being removed from said property or while it is in storage.
   C.   It shall be unlawful for any person to park a truck or trailer over one ton capacity or being used for transport of gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas on any street or alley in any residential area of the City. (2007 Code § 18-103)