A.   One-Way Streets: Whenever the City Commission designates any street, alley or part thereof as a one-way street or alley, said City Commission shall have signs placed, giving notice thereof. Signs indicating the direction of lawful traffic movement shall be placed at every intersection where movement of traffic in the opposite direction is prohibited. (2007 Code § 18-73)
   B.   Traffic Lanes:
      1.   The City Commission is hereby authorized to have traffic lanes marked upon the roadway of any street where a regular alignment of traffic is necessary.
      2.   Where traffic lanes have been marked, it shall be unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to fail or refuse to keep such vehicle within the boundaries of any such lanes, except when lawfully passing another vehicle, preparing to make a lawful turning movement or as otherwise authorized by ordinance. (2007 Code § 18-75)
   C.   Crosswalks: The City Commission shall have the authority to designate, by appropriate devices or lines upon the surface of the roadway, crosswalks at intersections or other places where, in its opinion, there is particular danger to pedestrians crossing the roadway. (2007 Code § 18-76)