A.   Careful And Prudent Driving: No person shall drive a vehicle on any street within the corporate limits of the City at a speed greater or less than is reasonable or prudent under the conditions then existing (including, among other things, the condition of the vehicle, roadway, weather, visibility, amount of traffic, presence of pedestrians and any obstruction of view).
   B.   Stopping Ability: No person shall drive any vehicle upon a street at a speed greater than will permit a stop within the assured clear distance ahead.
   C.   Limits Specified: No person shall drive any vehicle, except an authorized emergency vehicle (as provided in section 7-2-2 of this chapter), at a speed greater than:
      1.   Fifteen (15) miles per hour on any street adjacent to any school, or in any school zone, between eight o'clock (8:00) A.M. and five o'clock (5:00) P.M. on days when school is in session, unless otherwise posted; and
      2.   Twenty five (25) miles per hour on other streets and on streets adjacent to schools at other times than that specified in subsection C1 of this section, unless otherwise posted. (2007 Code § 18-11)
   D.   City personnel, subject to such direction as the Board of City Commissioners may give by motion or resolution, may reduce or increase the speed limits provided in this code, and when so provided, appropriate signs shall be placed on such streets or parts of streets indicating the lower or high speed limit. (amd. Ord. 03092020-03, 3-9-2020)
Statutory reference: Basic and minimum speed rules, 47 O.S. sections 15-102,11-803