A.   Issuance Of Citation Tags: Police officers are hereby authorized to give notice to persons violating provisions of this title, by delivering citation tags to violators or, in cases where vehicles without drivers are parked or stopped in violation of this title, by affixing such tags to the vehicles by means of which the violation occurred. Such citation tags shall indicate briefly the charge, shall bear the registration number of the vehicle and shall direct the violator to present the tag at the police station or other designated place with ten (10) days, or such other reasonable time as may be specified thereon. Nothing in this section shall abridge the power to arrest any violator, to take said person into custody or to file a complaint against any violator at any time.
   B.   City Commission Regulate Use Of Tags: The City Commission may require that police officers use serially numbered citation tags furnished by the City Clerk, and said City Commission may also regulate the use and handling of citation tags.
   C.   Failure To Comply; Procedure:
      1.   If a violator of any provision of this title who has been given a citation tag as provided in this section, fails to appear in accordance with the instructions of such tag, the Chief of Police or an authorized agent shall send a letter or other written notice to the owner of the vehicle involved, informing said person of the violation, warning said person to appear and directing that, in the event such letter or notice is disregarded for a period of five (5) days, a complaint will be filed and a warrant of arrest issued; provided, that nothing in this section shall abridge the power to file a complaint prior to the expiration of such time.
      2.   In the event any person fails to comply with a citation tag given to such person, or attached to a vehicle, the Chief of Police shall have a complaint entered against such person before the Municipal Judge, and said Judge shall issue a warrant for said person's arrest. (2007 Code § 18-12)