A.   Traffic Code Adopted: The Oklahoma Highway Traffic Safety Code, title 47 of the Oklahoma Statutes, as amended, and every ten (10) years' recodification thereof is hereby adopted and incorporated in this title as if set out at length herein, for the purpose of establishing locally appropriate rules and regulations for the control of traffic within the City 1 .
   B.   Definitions: The definitions of words used in this title shall be the same as those definitions in 47 Oklahoma Statutes sections 1-101 through 1-186, as amended. (2007 Code § 18-1)
   C.   Copies On File: The Office of the City Clerk shall maintain at least one copy of the current Oklahoma Highway Traffic Safety Code adopted by this section, on file in the Office of said City Clerk. (2007 Code § 18-1; amd. 2019 Code)



1. 47 OS §§ 1-101 - 965.