A.   Appointment: The City Attorney may be appointed by the City Commission, on a contractual basis.
   B.   Duties:
      1.   Give Legal Advice: It shall be the duty of the City Attorney to give legal advice on questions submitted by the City Commission, when the subject matter concerns the duties of any City officials or employees, or the performance of their duties.
      2.   Draft Ordinances, Documents: The City Attorney shall draw such ordinances, resolutions, notices, forms, leases, deeds, papers or other documents as may be required or requested by the City Commission.
      3.   Defend Actions Of City: The City Attorney shall be authorized to appear, prosecute and defend all actions wherein the City is a party, and shall institute proceedings in courts of law upon the order of the City Commission.
      4.   Other Duties: The City Attorney shall perform such other duties as the City Commission may require; provided, that such duties are included within the scope of the contractual arrangement.
   C.   Expense Allowance: The City Attorney shall be allowed actual and necessary traveling and hotel expenses while outside the City and on official business for the City; provided, that said business has been approved and directed by the City Commission. (2007 Code § 1-25)