A.   City Manager Act As Treasurer: As provided in the City Charter, the City Manager shall be the City Treasurer, unless the City Commission wishes to appoint said Treasurer. If appointed by the City Commission, the City Treasurer's salary shall be fixed by the Board of City Commissioners.
   B.   Bond Of Office: The City Treasurer shall give a corporate surety bond to the City in such sum as shall be set and approved by the Board of City Commissioners.
   C.   Keep Accounts: The City Treasurer shall so keep accounts as to show where and from what sources all monies paid have been derived, and to whom and when such monies or any part thereof have been paid. All books, accounts and vouchers shall at all times be subject to the examination of the Board of City Commissioners.
   D.   Maintain General Accounting System: The City Treasurer shall maintain a general accounting system for the City government.
   E.   Duties: The City Treasurer shall have such further powers and duties as may be prescribed by the City Charter, this Code, applicable State law or by the Board of City Commissioners. (2007 Code § 1-22; amd. Ord. 071111-1, 7-11-2011)