1-9-1: CITY CLERK:
   A.   Attend Meetings: The City Clerk, as an officer of the City, shall attend all meetings of the Board of City Commissioners and keep a journal of the proceedings of said Board.
   B.   Custody Of Records; Custodian Of Seal: The City Clerk shall have custody of all documents, records and archives of the City, as well as be custodian of the City Seal.
   C.   Affix Seal To Documents; File Ordinances: The City Clerk shall attest and affix said seal to documents as required by law or ordinance, and shall see that all ordinances passed are kept on file, in triplicate, in the Office of the City Clerk.
   D.   Other Powers And Functions: The City Clerk shall have such other powers, duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance (see City Charter, section 31). (2007 Code § 1-21)