A.   The position of Emergency Management Director is hereby created, to be appointed by the City Manager.
   B.   The Emergency Management Director shall be the executive head of the Emergency Management Department and shall be responsible for all aspects of emergency in the City, including: conducting a hazard analysis detailing risks and vulnerabilities, annually updating the existing all-hazard Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), conducting and arranging for necessary training of all relevant personnel, conducting annual exercises to evaluate the plan, managing resources, determining shortfalls in equipment, personnel and training, revising the EOP as necessary, establishing and maintaining an office of emergency management, communications, warnings, conducting or supervising damage assessment and other pre- and post-disaster-related duties.
   C.   The Emergency Management Director shall also have the authority and responsibility to:
      1.   Form an organization to prepare and implement an Emergency Management Program;
      2.   Form committees to perfect such an organization;
      3.   Appoint the Chairman of such committees;
      4.   Cooperate with other emergency management agencies; and
      5.   Formulate plans, gather information and maintain records for the Emergency Management Department.
   D.   The Emergency Management Director may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the performance of official duties; provided, that such expenses are at the direction of, and approved by, the City Manager.
   E.   In the event of an enemy-caused emergency or emergency resulting from natural causes, the Emergency Management Director, after authorization from the Mayor, shall have the authority to enforce all regulations relating to emergency management, for the purpose of protecting residents of the City. (2007 Code § 1-34; amd. 2019 Code)