A.   Authorization For Rural Fire Services; Right-Of-Way:
      1.   The City is hereby authorized and empowered to enter into contracts or agreements with individuals, firms, private corporations or associations, or political subdivisions of the State for fire protection outside the corporate limits of the City, and to contract to provide fire protection jointly with other organizations and Municipal subdivisions of the State.
      2.   Any contract entered into by the City with an individual owner, firm, private corporation or private or nonprofit association, for outside aid or mutual aid for fire protection, shall provide for the payment by said owner, firm, private corporation, private or nonprofit association, or political subdivision to the City for such fire apparatus and personnel. All monies received from said calls shall go into the fund designated by motion of the City Commission.
      3.   The Fire Department of the City is hereby authorized and directed to answer all outside calls within a distance of five (5) miles from the nearest fire station, unless, in the opinion of the Fire Chief, it is inexpedient to do so on account of another fire in the City, broken apparatus, impassable or dangerous highways, or other physical conditions. All other responses shall be at the direction of the Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief. (2007 Code § 7-10)
      4.   All firefighters of the Fire Department attending or serving at fires, or doing fire prevention work outside the corporate limits of the City, shall be considered as serving in their regular line of duty as fully as if they were serving within the corporate limits of the City, and said firefighters shall be entitled to all the benefits of any Firefighters Pension and Retirement Fund in the same manner as if the firefighting or fire prevention work was being done within the corporate limits of the City of Waurika. (2007 Code § 7-10; amd. 2019 Code)
      5.   The Fire Department answering any fire alarm or call, or performing any fire prevention services outside the corporate limits of the City shall be considered as an agent of the State of Oklahoma, and acting solely and alone in a governmental capacity, and the City shall not be liable in damages for any act of commission, omission or negligence while answering or returning from any fire or reported fire, or doing any fire prevention work under and by virtue of subsection A1, A2, A3 or A4 of this section.
      6.   All motorized equipment of the Fire Department shall have the right-of-way over all other commercial and pleasure vehicles. (2007 Code § 7-10)
   B.   Charges For Fire Calls:
      1.   The City Commission shall charge such rates as set by resolution of such commission to persons or property owners involved, for fire calls outside the corporate boundaries of the City.
      2.   Mileage and distances shall be based on actual miles traveled. The City shall also have the capacity to prepare supplemental billing costs for use of special equipment or materials. (2007 Code § 7-11)
   C.   Rural Fire Service Established; Fees:
      1.   There is hereby established the "Waurika Rural Fire Service", to be operated by the Waurika Volunteer Fire Department and be under the direction of the City Commission.
      2.   The "Waurika Rural Fire Service" shall be operated primarily for the purpose of providing fire protection to rural residents living outside of the corporate limits of the City, but within the boundaries of the Waurika School District within a ten (10) mile radius of the City's corporate limits. (2007 Code § 7-12)
      3.   This service shall be provided upon the annual payment of a membership fee by each participating home or property owner or resident. The annual membership fee amount shall be set by resolution of the City Commission. Payment of the annual membership fee will take care of all fire calls for the paying members, regardless of the number of calls. (2007 Code § 7-12; amd. 2019 Code)
      4.   The costs of fire calls to rural residents who are not paying members of the "Rural Fire Service" shall be the same as the costs established in subsection B of this section.
      5.   Payment of claims and other financial transactions involving the use of funds derived from the "Rural Fire Service" shall be made and processed in accordance with the requirements of Oklahoma Statutes, City ordinances and accepted City procedures.
      6.   In the performance of fire prevention or protection services outside the corporate limits of the City, the Volunteer Fire Department shall not assume responsibility for damages to structures incurred prior to the arrival of the said department, nor shall the said department assume responsibility for damages to structures incurred as a result of late notification of the members of the said department, or for any other situation which occurs during the course of fighting any fire.
      7.   Unpaid fees, charges or annual membership may be subject to collection by the City in any manner normally employed by the City, including the use of Small Claims Court. (2007 Code § 7-12)