6-2-2: FIRE CHIEF:
   A.   Appointment; Term Of Office: There is hereby created the Office of Chief of the Fire Department, who shall be appointed by the City Manager, with a term of office until such services are terminated by death, resignation, removal by said City Manager or other legal manner.
   B.   Duties: Duties of the Fire Chief shall include:
      1.   The Fire Chief shall have supervision and control of the Fire Department, subject to State law, the provisions of this chapter, other ordinances of the City and the City Commission; the Fire Chief shall diligently perform the duties imposed by law and ordinance.
      2.   The Fire Chief shall be held responsible for the general condition and efficient operation of the Fire Department and the training of members, and may assign duties to other members of said department.
      3.   The Fire Chief shall inspect, or cause to be inspected by members of the department, the fire hydrants and water supply sources of the City at least once each year.
      4.   The Fire Chief should maintain a library or file of publications on fire prevention and fire protection.
      5.   The Fire Chief shall attend all fires and direct and have complete charge of the officers and members of the Fire Department in the performance of their duties.
      6.   The Fire Chief should ensure that the City Commission and the City's citizens are kept informed on fire hazards in the community and on the activities of the Fire Department.
      7.   The Fire Chief shall see that each fire is carefully investigated to determine its cause and, in the case of incendiarism, shall notify proper authorities and secure and preserve all possible evidence for future use in the case.
      8.   The Fire Chief shall see that complete records are kept of all fires, inspections, apparatus, equipment, personnel and other information about the work of the Fire Department.
      9.   The Fire Chief shall file the appropriate fire loss reporting forms with the Office of the State Fire Marshal, as required by current State law. (2007 Code § 1-26)