A.   Department Established: There is hereby established for the City a Volunteer Fire Department under the provisions of the Oklahoma Volunteer Firemen's Act. (2007 Code § 7-1)
   B.   Composition: The Waurika, Oklahoma Volunteer Fire Department shall consist of not less than twelve (12) and not more than twenty five (25) members. The department shall not employ more than two (2) full time, salaried firefighters. Members of the Fire Department may continue as members of the Volunteer Fire Department established under this Code without probation, but shall be subject to the bylaws authorized under this Code. (2007 Code § 7-1; amd. 2019 Code)
   C.   Probation For New Members: All new members shall be on probation for one year after their appointment to the department, and shall not become regular members of the department upon completion of their probation period until approval by a majority of the regular members of the Volunteer Fire Department, subject to the ratification of the City Commission.
   D.   Bylaws: The Volunteer Fire Department shall adopt bylaws (a copy of which shall be deposited with the City Clerk), which shall include the following:
      1.   All volunteer firefighters are required, when notified, to respond to alarms of fire and other emergencies.
      2.   All volunteer firefighters are required to be present at all regular meetings, call meetings and schools presented for the benefit of the firefighters.
      3.   There shall be at least one regular business meeting each month. (2007 Code § 7-1)
      4.   Any volunteer firefighter having two (2) unexcused absences in a period of three (3) months will be expelled from the department rolls.
      5.   Volunteer firefighters leaving the City for an extended period of time shall notify the Fire Chief in advance.
      6.   Any volunteer firefighter refusing to attend training classes will be expelled from the rolls.
      7.   Any volunteer of the Fire Department shall be expelled from the rolls upon the recommendation of the Fire Chief, for any of the following offenses: a) conduct unbecoming a firefighter, b) insubordination, c) neglect of duty, d) violation of rules and regulations governing the department, or e) conviction of a felony. (2007 Code § 7-1; amd. 2019 Code)
   E.   Copies Submitted To State Insurance Commissioner: Copies of this Code and any amendments relating to the Volunteer Fire Department shall be submitted to the State Insurance Commissioner. (2007 Code § 7-1)