A.   In addition to other public nuisances declared by other sections of this Code or law, the following are hereby declared to be nuisances and are prohibited in the City:
      1.   The sale, or offering for sale, of unwholesome food or drink; or the keeping of a place where such sales or offerings are made.
      2.   The sale, offering for sale, or furnishing of intoxicating liquor in violation of State law or ordinance of the City; or the keeping of a place where intoxicating liquor is sold, offered for sale, or furnished in violation of the State law or ordinances of the City.
      3.   The exposure, display, sale, or distribution of obscene pictures, books, pamphlets, magazines, papers, documents, or objects; or the keeping of a place where such are exposed, displayed, sold, or distributed.
      4.   The keeping of a place where persons gamble, whether by cards, slot machines, punchboards or otherwise.
      5.   The keeping of a place where prostitution, illicit sexual intercourse, or other immoral acts are practiced.
      6.   The public exposure of a person having a contagious disease as defined by applicable health laws and regulations.
      7.   Any use of a street or sidewalk or a place adjacent thereto which causes crowds of people to gather so as to obstruct traffic on such street or sidewalk, or which otherwise obstructs traffic thereon, except as may be authorized by law or ordinances.
      8.   The operation or use of any electrical apparatus or machine which materially and unduly interferes with radio or television reception by others.
      9.   Any pit, hole, or other thing which is so constructed, formed, conditioned, or situated as to endanger the public safety.
      10.   All wells, pools, cisterns, bodies, or containers of water in which mosquitoes breed or are likely to breed, or which are so constructed, formed, conditioned, or situated as to endanger the public safety.
      11.   Rank weeds or grass, carcasses, accumulations of manure, refuse, or other things which are, or are likely to be, breeding places for flies, mosquitoes, vermin, or disease germs, and the premises on which such exist.
      12.   Locating, maintaining, or raising animals that annoy surrounding property owners through loud noises, odors, or unsanitary conditions.
      13.   Operating any business establishment, or performing, maintaining, or allowing any nonbusiness activity, which annoys surrounding property owners through loud noises, odors, etc., in violation of this Code.
      14.   Permitting water or other liquid to flow or fall, or ice or snow to fall, from any building or structure upon any street or sidewalk.
      15.   Any building, sign, pole, tower, fence, or other structure which has, through injury or neglect, become dilapidated and a hazard to the community and surrounding properties.
      16.   Any building, sign, pole, tower, fence, or other structure which has been constructed in violation of City permit, Zoning, or Building Code standards.
      17.   Any lot or tract which has become overgrown with weeds or contains trash, rubbish, or similar materials to the extent that it is considered to be a fire or health hazard.
      18.   Any building which has become vacant or unsecured or provides an attractive location for illegal activities, a congregating place for transients, or hazard to children playing in the neighborhood.
      19.   Every privy or water closet which shall be in an overflowing, leaking, or filthy condition, or in a condition dangerous, injurious, or annoying to the comfort, health, and welfare of any resident of the City.
      20.   Any tree kept, maintained, or not removed in which a limb, branch, stem, stump, or part thereof may cause injury to property owner/occupant or any passerby, or may cause damage to any fence, structure, vehicle, or any other property or utilities.
      21.   Parking of motor vehicle and trailers outside of an approved parking surface.
      22.   The keeping of any hog pen within the limits of the City in violation of this Code.
      23.   Any vault, cesspool, or sink used to receive human excrement, slops, garbage, refuse, or other filthy substance.
      24.   Any pond, slop, trash, refuse, cobs, manure, or decayed or decaying vegetable matter left, kept, or maintained in such condition as to endanger the public health.
      25.   Any fire or explosion hazard which endangers the public safety.
      26.   Permitting bagworms to be upon any trees or other plants within the City.
      27.   Permitting foul, noxious, or offensive odors to escape from premises; or unusual quantities of dust or other deleterious substances to escape or emanate across the property line upon which the same originates.
      28.   Keeping, permitting, or maintaining any unclean, foul, leaking, broken or defective ditch, drain, gutter, slop, garbage or manure barrel, box, grease barrel or other receptacle in the City.
      29.   The maintenance of any hazardous chemicals, explosives, or corrosives in an unsafe manner or in such a manner as to violate State law, this Code, or otherwise endanger public health or safety.
      30.   Locating, maintaining, keeping, or raising livestock or other animals without permits or licenses in violation of title 6, chapter 6 of this Code and other provisions of this Code.
      31.   Allowing the exterior of buildings and structures to be maintained in such a manner that their appearance constitutes a blighting influence for adjoining property. As used in this subsection, blighting influence shall mean the maintaining of the exterior of a building or structure in a condition that, if not corrected, would or could cause surrounding buildings and structures to become likewise maintained leading to an overall deterioration of the surrounding area.
      32.   The existence of graffiti or the act of placing graffiti on any real or personal property, by altering or defacing any real or personal property of another without their consent.
      33.   The carcasses of animals or fowl not disposed of within a reasonable time after death.
      34.   Dense smoke, noxious fumes, gas, soot or cinders, in unreasonable quantities.
      35.   Any partially dismantled, nonoperating, wrecked or junked vehicle, left for such time and under such conditions as to cause it to reasonably appear to have been abandoned, upon any private property, City street, public easement or right-of-way not excepted and presumed abandoned as provided in article E of this chapter.
      36.   Any occupation or activity which endangers the public peace, health, morals, safety or welfare.
      37.   The keeping of a place where activities in violation of State law or ordinance are practiced or carried on.
   B.   The enumeration of certain public nuisances set forth in subsection A of this section shall be cumulative and not limit other provisions of law or ordinances defining public or private nuisances either in more general or more specific terms. (Ord. 02062017-2, 2-6-2017)