The following terms are understood by both the City of Waterville (City) and the Waterville Fire Association Inc. (Association) relative to a sign located in front of the Fire Station at 751 Waterville-Monclova Road:
   (a)   There is an existing sign located in front of the Fire Station.  The Association will be permitted to install, at the Association’s expense, a marquis sign on each side of the existing sign.  If the Association chooses to light the marquis signs, the City will provide electricity at no charge to the Association.
   (b)   The marquis signs are intended as an information source for the community about upcoming events and other community information.
   (c)   The marquis signs will not be used for the promotion of personal gain by any individuals or businesses.  (Examples: Garage Sale at 123 Main St. or Jim’s Lawn Service)
   (d)   The marquis signs will not be used for political advertisements for candidates for any office or for any ballot issues.
   (e)   If not being used by the Association, the City may post messages on the marquis signs.
   (f)   The Association will be responsible for placing all messages on the marquis signs except that the City will place messages on the marquis signs under subsection (e) hereof.
   (g)   In general, messages placed on the marquis signs will be in good taste and decency.
   (h)   Objections to posting on the marquis signs and questions relative to whether a message should be placed on the signs will be discussed by a representative of the Association and the Fire Chief on behalf of the City.  Every attempt will be made to resolve issued by reaching a consensus.  If a consensus cannot be reached, the Municipal Administrator will make the final decision, which is non-appealable.
   (i)   Additional terms may be added to this understanding from time to time as mutually agreed to by the City and the Association.
   (j)   The Association, at its expense, will be responsible for all maintenance and repairs related to the marquis signs and associated lighting necessary to keep the marquis signs in good repair.
   (k)   This Letter of Understanding will continue in effect until terminated by either the City or the Association.  The City, at its sole discretion, may terminate this letter of understanding by written notice to the Association and request the Association to remove the marquis signs.  Such notice will provide at least forty- five (45) calendar days from the date the notice is issued for the removal of the marquis signs.
   (l)   In the event the marquis signs are removed pursuant to subsection (k) hereof or for any other reason, the Association will be responsible for the cost of such removal and any costs necessary to restore the existing sign to its original condition.
      (Res. 02-08.  Passed 1-14-08.)