A permit shall be required for all signs except as may otherwise be provided in this chapter.  Application for a permit shall be on forms as required by the Municipal Administrator, and shall be accompanied by a scale drawing indicating the following:
   (a)   The size and height of the proposed sign, general configuration of lettering or symbols, and such descriptive material as may be necessary to explain the intent of the application fully.
   (b)   The location of the proposed sign in relation to the building and all property lines.
   (c)   Dimensions of the structure on which the proposed sign is to be located.
      (Ord. 14-07.  Passed 8-28-07.)
   (d)    Any change in copy, structure or location to a previously approved sign shall require a new permit application, except for changeable copy signs or message centers.
   (e)    The sign permit number assigned by the Municipality must be placed in one (1) inch high characters on the lower right corner of at least one (1) sign face in a manner that such permit number is visible from a ground location facing the sign.
      (Ord. 17-09.  Passed 7-27-09.)