(a)   Any sign except an obsolete or unsafe sign that, on the effective date of this chapter, does not conform to the regulations set forth herein shall be considered a legal nonconforming sign.  Such sign may be displayed and maintained indefinitely as a legal nonconforming sign subject to the requirements of this section.
   (b)   Normal maintenance of legal nonconforming signs, including necessary non- structural repairs, shall be permitted provided that the maintenance and repairs shall not intensify the nonconforming features of the sign.
   (c)   If a legal nonconforming sign is damaged or destroyed by any means to the extent of 50% or more of its replacement value at that time, the sign may not be rebuilt or displayed thereafter unless it conforms to all of the provisions of this chapter.  In the event the damage or destruction of the nonconforming sign is less than 50% of its replacement value at that time, the sign may be rebuilt to its original condition and may continue to be displayed.
   (d)   The copy or graphics on a legal non-conforming sign shall not be changed, nor shall the sign be structurally altered, enlarged, or extended unless the sign is brought into compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (e)   Any sign which is erected after the effective date of this chapter and which does not conform to the provisions of this chapter shall be considered an unlawful nonconforming sign.  Removal of the sign shall be effected within ten days following the receipt of a notice to do so from the Municipal Administrator or designee. 
(Ord.  14-07.  Passed 8-28-07.)