The following signs are hereby expressly prohibited in all zoning districts, except as otherwise specifically permitted by this chapter:
   (a)   A-frame or Sandwich Board Signs. A-frame or sandwich board signs, except as permitted by Section 1315.10 .
   (b)   Banners and Pennants. Banners, pennants, spinners, streamers, or balloons displayed for commercial purposes, except as a temporary sign permitted by Section 1315.09 .
   (c)   Billboards and Off-Premise Signs. Billboards and other off-premise signs.
   (d)   Animated, Moving and Flashing Signs
      (1)   Signs that incorporate any flashing or moving illumination or any illumination that changes in color except message signs (see 1315.10 (g)).
      (2)   Signs that have any visible moving parts, including signs that achieve movement by action of wind currents.  Hanging signs that simply swing in the wind, signs that indicate time, date and temperature, and barber poles are exempted from the above restriction, provided that they comply with all other provisions of this chapter.
   (e)   Portable and Wheeled Signs. Any freestanding sign, including any portable and wheeled sign, which is not permanently anchored or secured to either a building or the ground.
   (f)   Hazardous Signs. Any sign or sign structure which constitutes a hazard to public safety or health.
   (g)   Obstructing Signs.
      (1)   Any sign which, by reason of its size, location, content, coloring, or manner of illumination, obstructs the vision of a driver or obstructs or detracts from the visibility or effectiveness of any traffic sign or control device on a public street.
      (2)   Any sign that obstructs free ingress to or egress from a fire escape, door, window, or other entrance or exit way.
   (h)   Signs Imitating Traffic-Control Devices.
      (1)   Any sign that imitates, interferes with, obstructs the view of, or can be confused with any authorized traffic-control sign, signal, or other device.
      (2)   Any sign which makes use of words such as "stop", "look", "one-way", "danger", "yield", or any similar words, phrases, symbols, lights, or characters in such a manner so as to interfere with, mislead, or confuse vehicular traffic.
   (i)   Obsolete Signs. Any sign that no longer advertises a bona fide business conducted or product sold on the premises on which the sign is located.
   (j)   Signs on Public Property. Any sign on public property or in the public right-of- way, other than a sign erected by the Municipality or traffic-control devices erected by the State.
   (k)   Signs on Natural Objects. Any sign painted on, attached to, or supported by a tree, stone, cliff, or other natural object or living vegetation.
   (l)   String Lighting. Exterior string lights or strip lighting used in conjunction with a commercial enterprise or operation.
   (m)   Searchlights
   (n)   Signs on Parked Vehicles. Signs placed on or affixed to vehicles or trailers that are parked on a public right-of-way, public property, or private property so as to be visible from a public right-of-way where the apparent purpose is to advertise a product or direct people to a business or activity located on the same or nearby premises.
   (o)   Pole/Pylon Signs.
   (p)   Roof Signs except signs on the street face of a mansard roof.
   (q)   Miscellaneous Signs and Posters.  The tacking, pasting, or otherwise affixing of signs of a miscellaneous character, visible from a public way, located on the walls of buildings, barns, sheds, trees, poles, posts, fences, or other structures is prohibited unless otherwise permitted by this Chapter.
   (r)   Multi-prism Indexing Signs.
   (s)   Luminous or Video signs.
   (t)   All signs not herein defined in Section 1315.03 shall be prohibited.
      (Ord. 14-07.  Passed 8-28-07.)